In what program can the presets be used?

Adobe Lightroom app. (It’s free)

Can I use the presets on my phone? 

Yes, the presets is DNG files only for mobile. 

How do I install them? 

You’ll find a step by step guide if you scroll down.
You can also check youtube tutorials. Just search for “How to install Lightroom presets on mobile”

How do I pay?

You can pay with either PayPal or card at checkout.

$9,90 $4,90
$9,90 $4,90
$79,90 $49,90
$9,90 $3,90
$12,90 $6,90
$29,90 $17,90

Step 1: Download the DNG files to your phone

The presets will come as DNG files that you can download directly to your phone.

But some presets might be compressed into a ZIP file.

Most cell phones are not able to open ZIP files. Here the easiest option for you that can’t open the ZIP file:

You can use apps like “Unzip” to unzip the file directly on your phone. Click to download the file and then tap on Copy to “Unzip”:

Step 2: Import the preset files into the Lightroom app 

1. Open the “Unzip” app and click on the ZIP-file
2. Open the DNG-file
3. Open the DNG-file in Lightroom

Step 3: Create the preset in Lightroom app

1. Now you see your DNG picture in Lightroom, click on it.
2. Click on the … button
3. “Create preset” – I’ve the Swedish version that’s why it look different.
4. Click on all boxes, Name your preset and done!

Step 4: Using Lightroom Mobile presets

1. Choose the picture you want to add the preset to
2. Click on the “PRESETS” in the edit section
3. Choose any Preset

Good luck! 💗